The Application Toolkit

Land your dream job, effortlessly

To land your dream job, you need a strong application. Your cover letter is crucial, yet writing one can be a daunting task, and just like most of you, we struggled at first.

With The Application ToolKit, rather than just drowning you with countless examples and covers, we demystify the different documents’ content and provide you with the application essentials: CV models, an cover letter template & a recommendation letter. 👉

We believe that you will write the poignant application if you best understand the mechanisms and objectives behind it. We hope you will find our Application ToolKit useful! 💪

CV model

Included 1 B/W resume/CV template and 1 color resume/CV template to display your experiences and competencies ✨

Cover letter template

1 cover letter template guidance to write an impactful cover letter from the recruiters’ point of view 😍

Recommendation letter

Finally, a recommendation letter that third parties can use to make you stand out even more 😎

Applications list

Take note of the jobs your applied to, and set a status to each one of them to track their progress 📈

Land you dream job in no time!

Download the application toolpack and access the job you have always dreamt of!

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